Joinery Flexible Oak Filler

Handrail joint

Time tested Flexible oak filler. Cracks repairs on lacquered or oiled oak Joinery Joinery Oak cracks and splits are hard to repair, especially in a wide diapason of moisture and dry air environment. Most oak-cloured fillers are not flexible; hard filler repaired old cracks can appear again. Flexible filler can help to resolve this issue. […]

Cheap magnetic door holder

Joinery Magnet

Cheap magnetic door holder   Router or chisel slots on the door and door frame ensure magnets’ positions align and correct polarity. Video shows how magnets perform before door stop installation. Glue                                                […]

Quick repairs of squeaking stairs.

stairs steps

Quick repairs of squeaking stairs. Stairs squeaking is an annoying problem, and you will be surprised how easy it to fix. Tools required: 2mm Drill bit Drill Polyurethane adhesive, fast set preferable Medical Syringe with needle 25G (size) Wipes “Wonder wipes” Or alternative wipes for adhesive cleaning. Wax matching your wood color if you need […]

“Horizontal timber beam reinforcement with T section aluminum.”

Red cedar Pergola

“Horizontal timber beam reinforcement with T section aluminum.” Suppose you are looking to reinforce the timber beam and keep the slim beam size possible with only one side of visible aluminum and fixings. Cut off l or T shape grove with Table saw or Skilsaw and router. Slot into the grove T section aluminum and […]

New type Magnetic door latch & bathroom lock

55 scaled

  Carpentry, door furniture, doors magnetic latch. New type magnetic door latch & bathroom privacy lock, alternatively can be used just for door latch purpose. Benefits: latch not rubbing catch plate, latch retracting when aligning with catch base because of the powerful magnet. It can be a nice new door latch or bathroom privacy lock […]

Carpenter & Joiner tips. Curved wooden floor joint to the stairs gallery.

Floor joint to the stairs gallery

Carpenter & Joiner tips. Carpenter & Joiner tips. Curved wooden floor joint to the stairs gallery. To make in one level straight wooden floor joint to the stairs top step, it is not complicated by using a jointing biscuit. Make long the floor curved joint to the stairs gallery can be a difficult and time-consuming […]

Carpenter | Joiner tips, Stairs lifting tools

lifting hydraulic jack

Good Joiner tool for stairs installations There is a 0.5 TON VERTICAL TELESCOPIC TRANSMISSION JACK.  Because of the smaller size and weight, it is compact easy for transportations between building sites.  Garage mechanics normally uses this tool for car gearbox removal. During the installation of stairs at the ground floor with this type of jack, […]

Joinery, quick and strong handrail joints

Handrail dowel joint

Carpenter & Joiner tips. Curved wooden floor joint to the stairs gallery. Handrail joints with Festool Dowels Hack & Tip for Joinery stairs installation. Quick and strong handrail joints with Festool Domino Joiner dowels. Gluing parts together with PU adhesive, stretching parts together with gaffer tape, more layers of the tape causes more stretch power […]

Carpentry, shaping curved details with belt sander

Belt sander

  What to do: if you are onsite with no workshop tools available, you can use a belt sander by clamping it to the table to shape the curve.   Steps: Prepare woodblock, sometimes for bigger curves, usually has more wooden bits gluing together. Smoothen the woodblock to the required thickness. Mark the curve on […]